The Lord of The Flies is a tale of how humans, given limited resources, resort to greed and violence. Powerful writing and vivid descriptions help the author deliver a disturbing yet realistic horror story.

In the Lord of the Flies, Sir William Golding narrates the story of a group of children whose plane crashes in the middle of the sea and they find themselves stranded on an island. Without any adults to look after them, the children become afraid and confused. Within the group Ralph and Jack who are relatively older, take up leadership positions, with Ralph being elected chief after he calls an assembly of the children. Jack, with experience in hunting and camping, is given the responsibility for the securtity of the community and for hunting pigs, the only animals on the island.

In the beginning, the mystery of the island and the newfound independence excites the children. After all it is their island. Their days are spent playing on the beach and swimming in the warm water. Soon, however, they start expressing their fear over the possibility of not being rescued, which would compel them to live their entire lives on the island. This combined with the rumors of a monster or beastie that stays in the dark and is linked with the missing kid, creates trouble for Ralph and Jack as they try to keep the community in order.

As time passes, Jack and Ralph develop differences over how things should be run on the island. While Ralph wants them to build shelters for protection against the weather and a fire that sends smoke for signalling nearby ships, Jack seeks the thrill and adrenaline associated with the act of huntings pigs. Things get out of hand as this struggle intensifies with the children getting divided under two banners, dwelling on different parts of the island.

A fight soon erupts between the two factions as they seek control of the limited resources on the island. The fight grows violent with the reader witnessing horrible scenes of murder and greed.

For me, the story demonstrates that given limited resources, humans grow violent and greedy, giving in to thir primitive instincts for survival,justifying even the most horrendous acts possible. The other theme is power and how its abuse destroys everything. Powerful writing and vivid descriptions help the author deliver a disturbing yet realistic horror story.

Rated: 3/5