Charles Duhigg is a journalist and his ability to craft an interesting narrative using information from a large number of sources is reflected in his book “The Power of Habit”.

The book is divided into three parts: habits of individual, habits of organizations, and habits of nations. The author starts the book by stating the role our habits play as we navigate life. He then follows it with a scientific explanation of how habits are formed inside our brains and what factors affect them. Once he has established the habit loop in the beginning, he follows it with chapter upon chapter where he extracts key lessons from case studies in sports, medicine, business, and social movements establishing how habits produce huge results or disasters over time. At the end, he outlines a framework for the reader that can be applied to change habits and improve the quality of life.

Charles Duhigg has done a remarkable job of transforming academic findings, scientific studies, and real life examples into a narrative that keeps the reader engaged, interested and excited. His style of alternating lessons from scientific studies with human examples not only complements the two, it creates a wonderful reading experience for anyone who likes to listens to a good story and learn something useful from it.

Rating: 4/5