Published in 1937, this title has sold over 100 million copies. It can be found on various lists about books on money and success. One of the reasons for its huge success seems to be that when this book was first published, the genre of self help lacked comprehensive books on success and the matter of money held a lot of importance in the days of the great depression, However, the purpose is not to discredit the book but simply assert that this book has the status of a pioneer.

The book outlines 13 principles of success which I have discussed briefly in another post. The authors has put a lot of labor in collecting case studies and examples from the lives of successful people to illustrate the applicability of these principles. However, despite the claim that the author studied 500 men of great fortune, he uses Edison and Ford for most of his examples.

The most commendable feature of the book is the habit of the author to describe each principle in great detail and how they connect to each other. The examples tend to serve as a concrete for reinforcing these ideas. The book uses simple language. The sentence structure is convoluted which takes some fun away. Nevertheless, the book is comprehensive and can serve as one of the first steps in setting out on a planned journey towards success.

A MOOC by the name of “The Science of Success”¬† is being offered on Coursera. I would suggest complementing the reading with that course.

The book can be downloaded here.

Rating: 4/5